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At Xcentri, it’s our goal to consistently present our clients with the top candidates that meet their specific needs; whether they’re short term assignments or long-term staffing requirements. We’re constantly working with talented individuals on a regular basis, with many of our candidates being place on multiple/consecutive assignments in:

  • Data Entry
  • Reception
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Call Center/Customer Service

When some of our best candidates are  available, we like to let you know about it.  Here’s an example of just a few of our candidates that are currently available:

  • Candidate 1 – Customer Service – This individual is a tenured Account Management and Customer Service professional. In that role he not only survived two mergers but also received a promotion during the same period. As a trainer, this candidate was flown throughout the U.S. and internationally to help start up new customer service centers and train new hires. He is seeking out an entry level role to develop a new skill set and grow with a company. His in-depth customer service training and technical abilities make him an asset for any quality-focused team. Candidate 1 is available to interview and start immediately.
  • Candidate 2 – Accounting – Candidate 2 represents a multi-faceted accounting track record having worked in the energy, healthcare and distribution industry. This individual is consistently promoted in the roles she has held, growing into management level positions in 3 separate cases. Candidate 2 is sharp, well-spoken and the consummate professional. She will make a great addition to any accounting department. Candidate 2 is available with some notice.
  • Candidate 3 – Office Manager – With over 16 years in office management, candidate 3 is a driven, effective communicator. In her most recent permanent role, she worked for 4 years supporting a CEO, while also handling HR and Accounting functions for a mid-sized healthcare facility. Candidate 3 has also managed a payroll department, top to bottom, responsible for 600 employees nationally. Candidate 3 is available to interview and start immediately.
  • Candidate 4 – Administrative – Candidate 4 is most recently off a 5 year tenure in the Financial Services industry. In that position, she started out handling light reception and administrative responsibilities alongside growing HR tasks. She came to absorb enough responsibility to be promoted to an HR Administrator. Candidate 4 has strong interpersonal skills, is highly organized and thrives in conflict resolution. Candidate 4 is available to interview and start immediately.

For more information on any of these candidates, or to speak to one of our experienced recruiters about other candidates we may have to fit your needs, please contact us by calling 844.661.7861 or emailing us at and we would be happy to speak to you about how we can help.


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